Truth About Sealing Your Home

Many home owners are turning to "home sealing" as a solution to scorpion prevention. There are many problems with this particular service. Unfortunately based on the experience of our clients and employees sealing out doesn't work. Here is a link from Health Indoors expelling some of the adverse effects of trying to "seal" your home 

The article highlights the following points:

  • "Building codes require minimum ventilation."

  • "Moisture and mold become a problem when construction is too tight and the ventilation is inadequate... due to... occupants sealing up windows."

  • "For new home construction the experts emphasize the importance of installing a weep screed, a type of building material used along the base of an exterior stucco wall. The screed services as a vent to that the moisture can escape the stucco wall finish just above the foundation."

  • " For new homes, Najafi says formaldehyde is the number one risk to IAQ, including the off-gassing of cabinets, wood furniture, paints, and hardwood flooring and finish."

As you can see, not only is "sealing" a home an ineffective way to keep scorpions out of your home, but it can also be unhealthy and dangerous. Homes are not meant to be sealed, they are meat to breath to in order to release moisture, toxins and viruses. 

Scorpion Repel offers the ONLY permeant way to keep scorpions off your walls and out of your home. Call today and we can talk to you about our service and how we can protect your loved ones. 

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