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The Most Effective Scorpion Protection

As any homeowner can attest to, a scorpion is the very last thing you want to come across in your home. These deadly pests can quickly transform your safe haven into a very dangerous place to be. That’s where Scorpion Repel comes in. As a leader in scorpion protection, our team is proud to offer the most dependable service in town: Scorpion Repel. During a Scorpion Repel service, we apply our very own solution (AVERZION) to your home to keep scorpions out.

Homeowners love our Scorpion Repel service because:

Our Scorpion Repel service is a process that achieves results like no other product on the market.

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The Importance of Arizona Bark Scorpion Protection

While there are 90 different species of scorpions found across the country, only 1 of them is found to be deadly: the Arizona bark scorpion. Found in Arizona, this scorpion is light brown and is typically less than 3 inches in length. Not only is this kind of scorpion the most deadly but it is also the most commonly discovered scorpion inside of homes. This is due to its ability to climb vertically up walls and suspend from and crawl across ceilings. Their climbing ability makes it very easy for them to make their way inside of your home, where they are known to instinctively sting anything that brushes up, steps on, or touches them.

While not all Arizona bark scorpion bites are deadly, they are often very painful. Common side effects of Arizona bark scorpion stings include:

  • 24 – 72 hours of pain
  • Tingling
  • Numbness
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting

Note: It is important that you seek medical attention right away after being stung by a scorpion.

How Is Scorpion Repel Different?

We use AVERZION, a scientifically formulated product that creates a strong, tile-like glaze surface on the home's foundation wall.
  • Offer General Pest Control Image Offer General Pest Control

    We not only offer Scorpion Protection, but we also offer protection against other pests to keep your family safe.

  • Revolutionary Barrier Image Revolutionary Barrier

    AVERZION creates a physical barrier that effectively protects your home from all scorpions.

  • Scorpion Experts Image Scorpion Experts

    We are the leaders in Scorpion Protection and our product is second to none. 

A One & Done Solution Revolutionary Scorpion Protection 

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How Scorpion Repel Protects Your Home

At Scorpion Repel, we take our job of protecting your home against scorpions very seriously. To ensure you receive the highest level of protection, you need our Scorpion Repel service. During a Scorpion Repel appointment, we apply our very own scientifically derived solution, AVERZION, along your home’s foundation.

AVERZION is the only product of its kind. This solution creates a physical barrier around your home that does not kill scorpions but does keep them out of your house. Once AVERZION hardens, it creates a slick, tile-like surface on which scorpions are unable to grab a foothold. This makes it nearly impossible for them to climb up your house and make their way inside.

Some of the key benefits of AVERZION include:

  • It provides 2-3 years of protection
  • It doesn’t require monthly maintenance
  • It works well with pesticide treatments

When paired with a traditional pesticide treatment (which is also applied around the foundation of a home), the Scorpion Repel service yields the best possible results. As scorpions struggle to climb up the foundation of your home where AVERZION was applied, they are kept in pesticide-treated areas for longer, which increases the chances of these pesticides actually penetrating their hard exoskeletons and eliminating them.

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We know that maintaining a safe and healthy home is your top priority, and we want you to know it is ours as well. When you turn to Scorpion Repel for effective scorpion protection in Phoenix and surrounding areas, you can expect unparalleled customer care and exceptional results. Our team will arrive promptly, perform fast AVERZION installation, and leave your home equipped with a lasting barrier against scorpions.

Stop wasting your time and money with sealing services and schedule a Scorpion Repel service in Phoenix at (480) 418-3185.

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  • From the very first to last contact we made with this company, every interaction was stellar!

    “We would recommend this company and service to anybody who wants to keep scorpions, and maybe other pests, from entering their house in the first place!”

    - Megan S.
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    “I totally recommend their service for anyone that is having scorpion issues!”

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  • Thank you guys so much for helping to keep us safe.

    “Scorpion Repel went around my house and went above and way beyond their service call. Made sure everything was covered and did my doorways.

    - Mia R.
  • The bonus is that it’s non-toxic and not a pesticide!

    “The technician that applied it was so nice and very thorough and answered all my questions. I’ll recommend them to everyone!”

    - Maria V.