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Why Us?

The Truth about Pesticides and Scorpions:

I used 4 different pest control companies to try and control my scorpion problem. All had little to no effect on our scorpion problem. Unlike other insects, like roaches and crickets, the Arizona bark scorpion is not as active therefore it spends a very little time passing through areas treated with pesticide. In addition, scorpions do not clean themselves like roaches and crickets do and therefore do not ingest the pesticides. This makes it extremely difficult to control scorpions with pesticides. It was only when we used Scorpion Repel on our home did we finally get relief from our scorpion problem.


Sealing Your Home vs. Scorpion Repel:

Sealing your home is when a company charges home owners thousands of dollars to attempt to fill in every crack and crevice in and outside their home. They use house hold products like caulk and foam to fill in spaces. We tried sealing our home, but just like pesticides it failed to manage our scorpion problem. In fact after sealing our house we found even more scorpions than before. 


Scorpion Repel is a non-toxic solution to keep scorpions out of your home.  Our patent pending application process is the MOST effective way to protect your home from scorpions.  The Arizona Bark Scorpion is the only scorpion that can climb vertically, which is the reason you find them in your home. Scorpions look for cool places in the summer heat.  An air-conditioned home or structure provides the perfect habitat during a hot summer day.  Scorpion Repel is a non-toxic solution, it works with and without the use of pesticides. 

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