How Do You Scorpion Proof Your Home?

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Call Scorpion Repel! Scorpion Repel is a proven way to keep the Arizona bark scorpions out of homes. Vertical base surface areas around the home are treated with Scorpion Repel - a specially formulated application that prevents scorpions from climbing vertically up into a home or structure. This non-toxic application is applied to the base of a home, including door thresholds, steps or other parts of a home, which makes contact with the ground. The application is applied by an HVLP sprayer (air compressor), which is strong enough to carry the application. Scorpions are unable to hold on or maintain a grip to the application. The application becomes “glass-like.” Scorpions cannot climb glass. The application has been tested extensively. When scorpions attempt to crawl up the treated areas, they experience difficulty and simply move on or give up. The application has a large life span. All the homeowner must do is keep the surface area relatively clean.

If you want to keep scorpions out of your home, you have to use Scorpion Repel. A toxic free and chemical free clear application is applied to the base of your home, and scorpions cannot attach themselves to the application so they cannot climb up into your home. It is a one-time application that lasts for years.

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