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Scorpion Control


Scorpion Repel is a proven way to keep the Arizona bark scorpions out of homes. We apply a clear application around the base of your home, including door thresholds, steps or other parts of a home, which makes contact with the ground.  The Scorpion Repel application is specially formulated and non-toxic.  Safe for humans and animals. Once your application is dry, it becomes impossible for scorpions to attach themselves to the application.  Our application creates a smooth surface which scorpions cannot climb. It's the newest way to treat for scorpions and we are the only business to be able to do this in the world.  If scorpions cannot attach them selves to your home, they can never get into your home. 

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"I was having scorpion issues so I decided to go with scorpion repel. I am so glad that I did Christian the tech came out on time and did a great job! I even caught a scorpion trying to get into the home but couldn't do to scorpion repels seal that they added to my homes foundation! Thank you"

Mark Q. Customer

"I usually don't write a review but they went above and beyond for me. They did a great job on my house. It's not noticeable at all and I've gone out at night with a black light and no longer see the scorpions on my walls. I have a ton of scorpions on my property and already have had the house sealed but it wasn't working as the scorpions kept climbing through literally any opening. Even with pest control it wasn't fully stopping them. So far I haven't seen any scorpions inside since the treatment. They really stand behind their work as they will come back if there are any issues or concerns and really just want to make sure your scorpion free."

Brandon F. Customer