Why Us?



Scorpion Repel is the most effective way to keep the Arizona Bark Scorpion out of your home. Check out our videos that show the effectiveness of Scorpion Repel. Click Here for Videos  


In Arizona, our homes are built on a concrete pad that elevates our homes by several inches. This is meant to keep water from coming in. But what happens when the insect can climb vertically up the concrete pad?  This is why you need Scorpion Repel. Vertical base surface areas around the home are treated with Scorpion Repel - a specially formulated application that prevents scorpions from climbing vertically up into a home or structure. When scorpions attempt to crawl up the treated areas they can not get a foothold. Once they experience difficulty, the scorpions simply move on or give up because they can no longer grip their large appendages to the base of your home.  


Some people have asked whether sealing out your home will also keep scorpions out.  Obviously, if your home was sealed airtight, nothing could enter your home – including air. Homes are not meant to be sealed out, which is why your home is built to breath.  Homes cannot be sealed too tightly.  A sealed home inhibits unhealthy air pollution like carbon monoxide, dust, viruses, formaldehyde, nitrogen dioxide and other hydrocarbons.


A home cannot be entirely sealed out to a scorpion.  A scorpion can climb and crawl through even the slightest crack or hole in your home.  In fact, a scorpion can fit in an area as little as the width of a credit card. All homes are filled with small credit card width areas that would be impossible to seal. 

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