Scorpion Repel Certification Test
How do Arizona Bark Scorpoins primarily get in home/structures?
What is the RMS range needed to make sure the surface is smooth enough to keep scorpions out?
What kind of barrier does Scorpion Repel create?
What's the minimum vertical area coverage needed to keep most scorpions out?
What is the most venomous scorpion in North America?
How many species of scorpions can crawl up a vertical surface?
Is the MILK primer coat ALWAYS needed?
What coat is the final coat?
How many gallons of Diamond do you need to cover the average sized home in Ariona?
What is the spray tip size needed to spray the Diamond top coat?
How much work space should the customer provide technicians?
How many inches should gravel and dirt be moved away from the stem wall?
When is MILK ALWAYS needed
What's the minimum coats needed of Honey?
How many hours does it take for the Honey to fully cure?
What causes 'spider web' spray effect?
Should a final walk around be done?
Once on property what is the first thing you should do?
Whats considered an 'abnormality'?
After cleaning spray gun with Xylene be sure to ____.
What should you never do with ANY of the Scorpon Repel Products?
How much treated wall should be left exposed?

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