Nighttime Pest Control

Most of the common pests found in Arizona are active at night. Scorpions, cockroaches, crickets, and many species of spiders are nocturnal. They come out at night to look for food, find mates, and seek water sources. Insects stay active in the night to avoid the sweltering temperatures and harsh sunlight of the daytime in the summer. However, being nocturnal is just one way these pests can accomplish this–another perfect way to find food, water, and shelter from the heat is to make their way inside your home.

Unlike most pest control companies, Scorpion Repel is dedicated to eradicating these pests both day and night from your home and business. We are excited to offer nighttime scorpion hunts and nighttime sprays. By eliminating crawling pests at the time they’re most active, we can ensure that the maximum possible number of individual insects are coming into direct contact with pesticides. With our nighttime hunts, you can sleep soundly knowing that every scorpion insight has been removed from your yard and won’t have a chance to sneak inside.

Nighttime Scorpion Hunts

Scorpions glow under UV light, making them easier to spot at night. This luminescent characteristic allows our technicians to detect scorpions hiding in crevices, cracks, and undergrowth. Once found, our technicians will capture and remove the scorpions from your yard. Nighttime hunts will reduce the scorpion population, reduce scorpion pheromone trails (stopping new scorpions from moving in), and stop the scorpion reproduction cycle. We recommend nighttime hunts on a regular basis until the scorpion population is manageable.

Nighttime Sprays

There are several reasons why you should switch to nighttime sprays:

  1. Pesticides are more effective at night because they are not being broken down by the sun’s harsh UV rays. After some time
  2. in the sunlight, the organic compounds called pyrethroids that are toxic to insects are broken down and become less effective. Applying at night can help prolong the overall efficacy of pesticides.
  3. Spraying at night helps avoid poisoning beneficial insects like bees. As pollinators, bees are critical to our ecosystem:
  4. they are an essential part of the process that makes our food grow, and help sustain life. Unlike most insects, bees are diurnal, which means that pesticides applied during the day to target other unwanted pests often end up impacting bee populations as well.
  5. Applying pesticides at night helps reduce exposure in bees, limiting the effects to your target pest.
  6. Insecticide use is more targeted. Spraying pesticides at night helps to ensure that the unwanted nocturnal pests–the scorpions,
  7. spiders, and cockroaches–are the ones feeling the effects.
  8. Insects are more active and visible.