Arizona bark scorpion

Recent Texas A&M University Study Confirms Scorpion Repel’s AVERZION product Creates a Physical Barrier Against Scorpions

On March 29th, 2021, Texas A&M University released a study—conducted by Phillip Shults (Research Associate) and Dr. Ed Vargo (Professor and Endowed Chair, Rollins Urban and Structural Entomology Facility, Department of Entomology)—evaluating the ability of Scorpion Repel’s product AVERZION to prevent scorpions and other pests from climbing surfaces.

Methods & Results

To test AVERZION, Mr. Shultz and Dr. Vargo used two identical wooden structures, one treated with AVERZION and one left untreated. They also applied a light coat of baby powder on each structure to track the movements of the wild-collected Arizona bark scorpions used in this study. On the top of both wooden structures a dead cockroach was placed, to entice the scorpions to climb up. Once the structures were fully prepared, the Arizona bark scorpions were left in a box with them for 24 hours. After 24 hours, the cockroach was removed from the untreated structure and left on the AVERZION-treated structure.

This study found that the scorpions began climbing the untreated structure right away and were able to make it to the top and eat the cockroach many times. On the AVERZION-treated structure, however, the scorpions were unsuccessful in their attempts to climb and the food item (cockroach) was never retrieved. In conclusion, the researchers deemed AVERZION successful in acting as a physical barrier against scorpions.

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  • It is effective: When applied correctly and paired with traditional pest control treatments, our AVERZION service is 100% effective in protecting your home against scorpions.
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