An Arizona bark scorpion stung my three-year-old son Jaxon. Unfortunately, he was not stung once, but three times on his right elbow. He cried for nearly 10 hours.  My knowledge and experience with scorpion stings was limited. The Internet had very little information, but due to my son’s young age, it was recommended that I take him to urgent care.  After more than 10 hours, my son recovered.  


Jaxon had just gotten out of the pool and grabbed a towel from the shelf. After he put the towel around his body, he started to scream. It was the worst cry I had ever experienced, and it would continue for 10 hours.” Tony knew it had to be a scorpion. After shaking the towel, the scorpion fell out. Tony’s wife took to the Internet to research. They called family and friends in the medical field, who said seek medical attention. Not knowing exactly the seriousness, they took Jaxon to urgent care. Jaxon was monitored for several hours as he cried from the pain. The urgent care would not release Jaxon until his symptoms subsided or an ambulance was available. After Jaxon’s throat started closing in and his eyes started twitching, an ambulance finally came for Jaxon and he was rushed to the hospital. 10 hours later, Jaxon received two vials of anascorp (anti-venom), and calmed down. When Jaxon arrived at the hospital, the attending physician said that this whole ordeal could have been shorten by more than 8 hours had Jaxon been taken directly to the hospital.


Before I left the hospital, I called Aaron to tell him what happened. I knew he had been working on a scorpion repel business and wanted my help. I told him that I did not want this to ever happen to anyone else and that I was ready to help him with Scorpion Repel. My son’s pain and suffering could have been prevented. The scorpion that stung him was in my home. I worked with Aaron on the final version of Scorpion Repel. Our invention is safe and effective. My home was treated with Scorpion Repel and I have not had any scorpions since.

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Along with my wife Melissa and our one year old son Mason, we moved into our current home in 2012. We found the perfect home in the perfect location to raise our family. We couldn't be more excited about the big back yard and the location. We had very little experience with scorpions even though Melissa was raised here and I've been in the Valley for over 20 years. Our first summer was a bit of a shock to say the least. We found one Scorpion, then another and another and another. It was almost a daily occurrence in the summer time.


With some advice from a neighbor, I bought a blacklight and decided to check my house at night. I found four scorpions that night inside my home! The second night I ventured outside into our big backyard and to my shock found over 10 scorpions around our home. I came to the realization that our home was infested.


My wife and I started do some research on the Arizona Bark Scorpion. The news was frightening. Not only was the Arizona Bark Scorpion the most venomous Scorpion in North America, we also discovered all the stories online on how difficult it is to manage a scorpion infestation. Our thoughts immediately went to our 1 year old Mason. It was enormously stressful having a curious 1 year old exploring a home infested with Scorpions. We didn’t want to start spraying dangerous pesticides inside our home. So we did more research and decided to seal our home.


We paid almost $2,000.00 to have a company use silicone and caulk to seal any holes or openings. The company seemed to be very professional, and we were looking forward to a scorpion-free home. Unfortunately it didn't work. In fact a year after they sealed our home we had an increase in the amount of scorpions we were finding. We even started finding baby scorpions daily!


We eventually started using pesticides outside the home to help deter them. We literally tried everything, even applying the pesticides ourselves at night to get the best results. After trying self applied pesticides and going through three different pest control companies we were back to where we started seeing no improvement. My wife wanted to move before our son got stung. We have two friends whose children have been stung and both stories were terrible. As it turned out, I would be the one to get stung.  

I got stung while walking into one of our bedrooms at night. I stepped on a scorpion. The pain felt like electric shocks running through my body. I took pain medication, but the pain would not go away. I called poison control and the poison control rep told me there isn’t much I can do and I might be feeling pain for up to 6 months! I was in bed for several days recovering (even missing two days of work because I couldn’t walk). Now my wife really wanted to move. I didn’t want to move, I loved our home.

Over the next couple of years, I studied the Arizona bark scorpion. I learned its habits, traits and movement. I discovered that pesticides were not as effective as people believe. Scorpions have several appendages that help it move right over the pesticide. I tried lavender and cedar oil around my home, but the same thing kept happening - the scorpions moved right over the lavender and cedar oil. I was frustrated but then it hit me. I tested and experimented with various formulations that would be applied to the base of my home. At night, I caught several scorpions to test my formulation. After many months of trial and error – it worked. Scorpions could not get in my home. I applied Scorpion Repel to my home and we went from finding 3-5 Scorpions inside a day to 2 in 2 months! The next summer was amazing!!! We only found one in my home the entire summer. I could walk around my home without shoes again. My wife wasn’t talking about selling our home. Most importantly I finally felt like our young son was safe. It was like a 10,000 pound weight was lifted off our shoulders.  I knew I needed to provide this relief to those families struggling with Scorpions and help families never have to deal with all the stress of dealing with Scorpions again. 
This whole experience has lead me to have a lot of respect for the Arizona Bark Scorpion. These creatures have been around for a long long time. I know how difficult it is to live with a scorpion problem. Our mission is to keep scorpions out of you home.