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Protect your home from scorpions with our 100% effective and affordable solution. Watch our video to learn how it works!

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Is there anything more important than keeping your home and family safe? We don’t think so either! Here at Scorpion Repel, our service professionals are proud to offer the leading scorpion protection services in Phoenix and surrounding areas. As one of the deadliest threats to residents here in Arizona, a scorpion is just about the last thing you want to come across in your home. Make sure your home and family are protected with Scorpion Repel on your side. Using the highest quality solution, our team is able to significantly reduce the risk of scorpions making their way inside.

Residents love our Scorpion Repel service because:

  • It is safe
  • It is 100% effective
  • It is affordable
  • It is a one-time application

What more could you want out of your scorpion protection service? Choose Scorpion Repel because protecting your home is what we do best.

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How Is Scorpion Repel Different?

We use AVERZION, a scientifically formulated product that creates a strong, tile-like glaze surface on the home's foundation wall.
  • Offer General Pest Control Image Offer General Pest Control

    We not only offer Scorpion Protection, but we also offer protection against other pests to keep your family safe.

  • Revolutionary Barrier Image Revolutionary Barrier

    AVERZION creates a physical barrier that effectively protects your home from all scorpions.

  • Scorpion Experts Image Scorpion Experts

    We are the leaders in Scorpion Protection and our product is second to none. 

A One & Done Solution Revolutionary Scorpion Protection 

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Our team has stood by and watched traditional scorpion prevention treatments (such as home sealing and pesticide application) fail to work for long enough. We want to make sure your home receives the highest level of protection possible, which is why we invented AVERZION.

AVERZION is the only product of its kind. During your Scorpion Repel service, this scientifically derived solution is applied along your home’s foundation wall. Once it hardens, it creates a smooth, slick surface that scorpions cannot climb. When paired with pesticide treatments, AVERZION yields the best possible results in scorpion protection. As scorpions struggle to climb up the tile-like surface created by AVERZION, they are kept in pesticide-treated areas for longer, which significantly improves the results of your scorpion protection treatment. In fact, when applied correctly and paired with a pesticide treatment, AVERZION is 100% effective!

And, the best part is, our Scorpion Repel service only needs to be performed once every 2-3 years! That’s right, after just one 3-hour installation, you can enjoy years of protection against scorpions.

Learn more about our scorpion protection solution by calling (480) 418-3185!

Interested in Using AVERZION Products?

AVERZION is a scientifically formulated solution that creates a strong, tile-like, glazed surface. It can be used commercially or applied to the foundation of residential homes.

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People Love Scorpion Repel!
  • This company is awesome!

    “This company is awesome! I am severely sensitive to synthetic chemicals and was looking for a better solution to scorpion control than the usual repeated pesticide application. scorpion repel offers ...”

    - Prashanta D.
  • From the very first to last contact we made with this company, every interaction was stellar!

    “We would recommend this company and service to anybody who wants to keep scorpions, and maybe other pests, from entering their house in the first place!”

    - Megan S.
  • I am very happy with the service!!

    “I totally recommend their service for anyone that is having scorpion issues!”

    - Tamanna M
  • Thank you guys so much for helping to keep us safe.

    “Scorpion Repel went around my house and went above and way beyond their service call. Made sure everything was covered and did my doorways.

    - Mia R.
  • The bonus is that it’s non-toxic and not a pesticide!

    “The technician that applied it was so nice and very thorough and answered all my questions. I’ll recommend them to everyone!”

    - Maria V.